Career203 and Why it's Important to District 203's Future

Last year, District 203 approved Career203, the district’s innovative new program for teacher compensation and professional development. District 203 is one of a handful of school districts nationwide to change concept and the salary structure for teachers’ professional development to allow for broader, and more meaningful educational opportunities, with the goal of bringing that knowledge directly to bear into the classroom and district curriculum. The concept of offering a number of different “career paths” and “bricks” for teachers marks a new era for District 203 teachers. Board president Jackie Romberg has stated: “I think these negotiations and the Career 203 program could serve as a positive model for other districts in the future."

Career paths available are, teacher leader, expert educator, master educator and research educator, as well as a customized path. These paths will be available to teachers once they receive a masters degree. Each path is made up of numerous "bricks" including activities such as helping develop curriculum, becoming a department head, working on committees, receiving additional educational degrees.

But what will this look like in operation? This article, What Would a Real Teaching Career Look Like? offers a good illustration of what the program will look like in action.